Wireless Office or Home Networking

We can help you when you run into trouble with you home wireless network.

Do you have more than one computer in your home or office?

It is quite common to have several computers and devices in your business or your home.

We specialize in wireless network installations.  We can help set up your computer and your wireless router.

For your Home Network - 

Whether you have dial-up, broadband DSL or Cable modems - Rey-Com can install a wireless Local Area Network or Cabled Local Area Network to best suit your needs.

The advantages of a Wireless Network for your Home or Office:

  • Allow your entire office/family to share a single Internet account!, even if you have 32 computers in your home or office...We can network them for you!
  • Absolutely NO wire needs to be installed in your office/home! NO hole to drill or wire to be snaked.
  • Let your staff/family share a common printer or send files from one computer to another.
  • quickly and easily move computers from one room to another without re-wiring or re-configuring.
  • Instantly connect your Laptop to the Internet! Browse the web from anywhere in the building or even poolside if you like.
  • All your office/home computers become invisible to the outside Internet keeping them safe from hackers!


 We provide the best possible service in Ocean Shores, Westport, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Montesano, all of grays Harbor County and surrounding areas.  Give us a call today!