Panasonic Business Systems

Your business telephone system is your business life line. We feature the Panasonic KX-TDE Business Telephone System.

The KX-TDE is Panasonic'c top of the line series of PBX systems. A great deal of emphasis is placed on IP networking and SIP.

There are three models within the KDX-TDE series - the medium size KX-TDE 100, the large size KX-TDE 200, and the extra large size KX-TDE 600.

The KX-TDE 100 has a Central Processing Unit and 6 universal card slots.  Each universal card slot can accommodate any number of trunk cards, extension cards or options.  People starting out with a KX-TDE 100 and then outgrowing it, have two upgrade options available, the KX-TDE 200 or the KX-TDE 600.

The KX-TDE 200 has a central processing unit and 11 universal card slots.  Each universal card slot can accommodate trunk cards, extension cards or option cards.

The KX-TDE 600 is the most serous product in Panasonic's arsenal.  It's their largest and most versatile system.  It starts out as a large single-cabinet PBX and grows quickly into a very large PBX by adding as many as 3 expansion cabinets.  Since this system can be easily networked to other KX-TDA and KX-TDE systems, multiple KX-TDE 600 can be chained together to form a cluster of KX-TDE 600 systems.  The end result is a product that is capable of supporting upwards of 5,000 C.O. Lines(trunks) and over 8,000 extensions.


Why Choose Rey-Com Inc

Rey-Com Inc.

  • We are fully certified on every KX-TD, KX-TDA, KX-TDE, and NCP series Business telephone System that Panasonic has ever offered and provide programming and tech support on all of these.
  • We have installed and continue to support all Panasonic Solutions.
  • Nearly every system that we sell is sold with remote administration capability via dialup and IP when available.
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