Comcast Business Solutions

Retailers must meet their growing data bandwidth demands for increasingly automated transactions to data for inventory, pricing, billing and supply chain management applications. They are also continually challenged to reduce costs in highly competitive market segments while enhancing the customer experience. 

Whether you need enterprise services for a law firm, accounting office, advertising agency, or any other professional service, our technology solutions support your unique needs. From Business Ethernet services, to dedicated Internet, to voice service, we have reliable and cost-effective packages for your organization.


Manufacturers of any finished good need fast and reliable communications to ensure that their facilities can maintain daily production flows. With enterprise-class solutions from Comcast you concern yourself with maintaining a flexible manufacturing system, while we deliver scalable network solutions.

You need an experienced and reliable company that can provide you with honest and dependable answers to your questions about telephone systems, computer networks and communication technologies.  Rey-Com Communications LLC has been serving Grays Harbor companies for more than 28 years.  Call us today!