Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOIP?

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is voice communications over Internet, your own office network, or your corporate Virtual private Network.  In simple terms, it permits you to call an individual in another city, or state, or country, without any associated charges from the phone company.

How much does a new telephone system cost?

We at Rey-Com are not limited to any one product.  There are many different brands of phone systems and they all have different prices.  The cost depends on what you want your phone system to do for you.

How many telephones?, Do you need Auto Attendant/Voicemail?, How many telephone lines do you have coming into the premises? - all of these help us determine how big the system needs to be.

So there are many factors in determining the cost of any one system. That's why we provide consultation for FREE to determine your needs and then be able to give you cost.

Contact us today for a free consultation.


What type of wiring do I need for my phone system?

Business telephone systems require several sizes of cable including one pair (2 wire), two pair(4 wire), or four pair(8 wires.  Some older phone systems may also use three pair(6 wire).  Business phone equipment and computer equipment cables are also rated by "Category", or the amount of 'speed' the cable can handle. Most VOIP business voice system require 4 pair - Category 5 or 6 cables.  In most cases, a VOIP phone can share a cable with a desk computer.  Ask us and we will be happy to advise you as to which size of Category cable is best for your telephone system.

What is the difference between Used and Refurbished telephone equipment?

For the most part, Used Office Telephone Equipment is available in one of three ways: 1) Used and 'as is', 2) Used and tested but with no warranty, and 3) Used and tested with some warranty - usually 30 to 90 days.

Refurbished office telephone equipment is also previously 'used telephone equipment', but with the big difference that a qualified technician worked on the equipment, replacing non working, worn parts or components.

Refurbished office telephone equipment comes with a full warranty of at least one year.